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Contextual Social Interactions by Lumpinou

by SimsMod
Contextual Social Interactions by Lumpinou

New interactions, and moodlets for the listener
Promotion. Sims who have the “Promoted” moodlet now have the ability to tell friends and family about it. The sim who receives the news will be granted a happy moodlet (+1, for 8 hours).
Demotion and worse. Similarly, Sims who have been demoted (or fired) can announce the news to their family / partner. The Sim who is told will earn a +1 sad moodlet (4 hours) from hearing about demotions, and +2 sad moodlet (8 hours) from hearing about a loss of job. 


New interactions
Pregnant Sims can now “discuss name ideas“, and “complain about hormonal changes“. This grants relationship points, no moodlet. (note: since Male sims who get pregnant through alien abduction truly realize what’s going on only on the 3rd trimester, that’s when these pregnancy interactions become available for them). 


New interaction, and moodlet for the listener
In the game, there is a mean option to “criticize WooHoo technique”, but there is no nice equivalent. Not anymore; now, if Sims had good WooHoo, they can compliment their partner. This grants the partner a +1 confident moodlet (4 hours). 


New interaction, and moodlet for the listener
Sims who have been abducted now have the option to tell family and friends about it. This will grant a +1 stressed moodlet (4 hours) to the person who hears the story, and fame points for the abducted Sim. (If you don’t have “Get to Work”, you won’t have this interaction. If you don’t have “Get famous”, you won’t get fame points).


New interactions, and one moodlet
Near death experience. A Sim brushes with Death (this happens when a Sim “dies” but the Reaper does not take them, because of pleas from other Sims) now can “tell about near death experience” to their friends and family. This will give them fame points, and a +1 inspired moodlet (24 hours) for the listener.
Witnessed death. A Sim who recently witnessed a death may wish to discuss this traumatic event with others. Now, they can. This grants no moodlet, just relationship points.
Mourning. A Sim mourning a death may now reminisce about the departed with friends and family. This grants no moodlet, just relationship points.


New interaction, and moodlet for the listener
A Sim who has recently painted a masterpiece, finished writing a book, or writing lyrics, will now be able to tell their close friends / family about their work and share their excitement and pride. This will grant fame points to the creator, and a +2 inspired moodlet (8 hours) to whomever listens, as the Sim’s passion for his / her work is contagious! Evil Sims however will get a +2 angry “jealous” moodlet instead (8 hours as well). 


New interactions, and moodlets for the speaker
A Sim who recently got divorced may decide to “Express regrets over separation” to friends and family, or on the contrary, to “Trash Ex“. This grants, respectively, a sad moodlet (“Feeling Regrets”, +1 sad, 2 days) or a confident moodlet (“Better Off Without Them”, +1 confident, 2 days). NOTE: Sims will not perform these interactions autonomously. It?s up to you whether they have regrets or not!


New Interactions! Some of these, like the previous ones, can be done only with family and friends, others require only 30 friendship points in the bar (ie a little under a third of the bar of friendship being full)
“Announce graduation” (gives happy moodlet to listener)
“Congratulate about graduation”
“Announce university acceptance” (suggestion by JinnJar, thanks!) (gives happy moodlet to listener)
“Announce pregnancy” (to friends and more distant family, to not overlap with the Game one; let me know if this is already an option in the game), (gives a happy moodlet to friends; for family, gives a surprised(dazed) moodlet and then changes to either a happy one or a stressed one.)
“Question identity of the baby’s father” (suggestion from SleepyInk, thanks!) – will have moodlets at some point
“Complain about homework” (suggestion from moewcatmeokitty, thanks!)
Tell about New Partner (happy moodlet for listener if close friend or family)
Ask if Sim Is a Supernatural Being (will give a notification telling the results. This also recognizes Psychics from my Psychic Sims! mod if you use it)
“tell about recent vacation” (gives the listener a bored moodlet because they want vacation too)
“Tell about Space Adventures” (after exploring space) (gives fame points)
“Complain about Awful Holiday”
“Tell about Great Holiday” (those 2 are for those with the Seasons pack).
“Enthuse about Spellcaster Rank Going Up” (in “magic” pie menu, as game interactions for spellcasters are there, such as ‘discuss overcharge risks’ and etc)
“Complain about (Sickness) Symptoms”
“Talk about Latest Workout” (gives an energized moodlet to listener and stronger chances of exercising autonomously)
“Talk about Latest Read” (gives an inspired moodlet to listener and stronger chances of reading autonomously).
“Talk about Latest Gaming Session” ((gives an inspired moodlet to listener and stronger chances of playing games autonomously)
“Talk about Latest Chess Game”
“Tell about Strange Changes” (for will-be ampires to discus their weird symptoms. Gives a stressed moddlet to listener)
– Complain about Paparazzis (for celebrities level 3 and higher)

 OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS ? Let me know what interactions you would like to see! I want my Sims to be more impacted by what happens to other Sims when said others tell them about things, so that the direction I’ll be taking with this! 

If you use “Have Some Personality Please!” by PolarBearSim (see here), chances of your Sim performing my contextual interactions autonomously goes up!! It’s a great mod to have and works well with mine.

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