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1.105-1.105 Basemental Drugs 7.17.211 (28.02.2024)

by SimsMod
The Basemental Drugs Mod patreon free

Basemental Drugs Credit : By Basementalcc

this mod are acquired in differing and semi-realistic ways, with not all being available for purchase in buy mode. 

Basemental is base game compatible and works with the latest TS4 game patch.

  • Extract the folder contents to your modifications folder: Electronic Arts>Sims 4>Mods>Basic Drugs is the folder for documents. Make this new folder with the name Basemental Drugs.
  • If the mods and script mods aren’t already enabled, do so. Else, begin the game.

Update this mod whenever there is a The Sims 4 patch notice. This mod requires constant redownloading. The actions listed below should be followed if the Basemental Drug Mod doesn’t function:

  • Select the Sim and choose the Basemental Drugs icon.
  • Select the drug dealer you need by going to Settings \ Assign NPC.

If you don’t introduce yourself when you greet them, you won’t have any options to purchase stuff from them.

Old Basemental Drugs Versions

1.95-1.97 Basemental Drugs 7.17.200 (18.04.2023)

1.95-1.96 Basemental Drugs 7.17.199 (15.03.2023)

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