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The Sims 4 Life’s Drama Mod

by SimsMod
The Sims 4 Life's Drama Mod

What does life’s drama mod do?

After installing the mod click on any sim inside or outside your household –> Life’s Drama –> Enable Dramatic Situations Around This Sim. Dramatic situations will now be automatically started around the selected sim

The mod adds a variety of new dramatic interactions and events. Your sim can step in and help sims with their situations or ruin their lives, depending on how you’re feeling that day. It allows your sim to have more realistic relationships with the townies, they come to you, as a friend, seeking advice. Simply enable dramatic situations around your sim and they’ll come flooding in.

  • Key Features

A new social popularity system

Plastic Surgery

Dirty Secrets

Public Scrapping

The Burn Book

Contribute In Social Events

Social Help

The Feathers NPC Squad
Social Help:
On each social popularity level, your sim will be able to help sims with social situations

Sims will approach your sim to ask for help
Available Situations:

Help A Sim With Social Advice (SP Level 1)

Help A Sad Sim Feel Better (SP Level 1)

Help A Sim With Their Fashion Choices (SP Level 2)

Help A Clout Chasing Sim Gain Followers (SP Level 3)

Help A Crushing Sim Hook Up With Their Crush (SP Level 4)

You have the choice to either help the sim, be mean to them or ignore them.

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