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The Sims 4 Mod – Sim Snatcher (SS)

by SimsMod
The Sims 4 Mod - Sim Snatcher (SS)

SimSnatcher (SS) by ColonolNutty

Wiki and Information

There is a new mod from ColonolNutty that allows you to kidnap NPC Sims and hold them hostage in your home.

Requirements: Sims 4 version (Kashcha for life) or higher The sims4communitylib library is versions not lower than 1.75 and Stuff Pack 09 (Vintage Glamor Stuff)


  • Enslave Sims (Teen through Elder for both Master and Slave only!), train them, order them around, and sell them to other Sims.
  • Slave Autonomy
    • Improved Needs Tending
      • Increased awareness of their own needs (Hunger, Energy, etc.) and will tend to them better than the vanilla game!
      • Slaves have increased autonomy to tend to the following needs.
        • Hunger
        • Energy
        • Bladder
        • hygiene
    • Autonomous actions around the house.
      • Gardening
        • Water and tend to any garden plants.
      • Repair
        • Repair broken objects as well as fix broken Servo Sims
      • clean
        • Clean messes, mop puddles, and clean dirty objects.
  • Task scheduling
    • Schedule a Slave to perform any type of task (excluding social interactions) on a daily basis at any time of the day.
    • Scheduled tasks may be updated and/or modified.
  • Obedience
    • Low obedience will lead to Slaves being Mischievous and Mean and they sell for less than normal.
    • Slaves with a high obedience may discipline, train, and mentor other Slaves autonomously, they also sell for loads more money.
    • Discipline and train Slaves to increase their Obedience.
  • Slave Auction/Slave Selling
    • Mark a Slave For Sale
    • Make an Offer to NPCs to buy your Slave
    • Buyer Profiles
      • NPCs are given a Buyer Profile that determines which types of Slaves they are looking for. This changes the price they will pay as well as their chance to buy.
      • Extensible! Custom Buyer Profiles may be added to Sim Snatcher via Tuning Snippets.
    • Sold Slaves appear at the household of the NPC that owns them and work there as though they were enslaved by your own household.
  • Allowances
    • Slaves may be blocked entirely from performing specific types of interactions such as cooking, having fun, taking showers, etc.
  • Bindings
    • Various Bindings can be applied to Slaves that may prevent performing some tasks
      • Wrist bindings prevent interactions involving the hands
      • Ankle bindings prevent interactions involving the feet
      • Gags prevent social interactions.
  • misc
    • Slaves will be forced to stay at the lot of their Master. They will not be allowed to leave (Unless they are about to give birth)
    • Slaves that do happen to leave will be Summoned back to the lot
    • Assign Beds To Slaves
    • Slaves can be ordered/controlled by anyone in the Household of their Master
    • Open Slave Inventory, objects in their inventory become owned by the Household that owns them.
    • Lock/Unlock doors for Slaves
    • Set Spawn Locations for Slaves

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