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by SimsMod
Control Any Sim

Version 1.2.3 was accidentally marked as being a preview version when it was published. This new release corrects this mistake, but otherwise does not differ from the previous version. This mod lets you take control of any sim in your game. Most NPC sims will have a new interaction on them in the Actions group. This interaction allows the player to either make an NPC playable or make him unplayable again.

Once a sim has been made playable, they can be controlled like a household sim. If the sim is currently not on the same lot as the sim which added him, away actions will be available. These are the normal away actions for played sims.

All actions are supposed to work as they usually do with sims in the active household. This allows the player to switch to one of the additionally added sims and play them on the lot they are currently situated at. If a sim is currently on the lot when the player takes control of them, the sim will be instantly controllable.

As long as an autonomous sim is selected they will behave as all other active sims and the game treats them like normal active sims. But as long as a usually autonomous sim is not currently selected, they will be treated as an NPC like the game usually does. This can mean that sims will stop obeying the players commands once they switch control to another sim.

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