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Sim Seductions by jellypawss

Sim Seductions [BETA] 18+ Introducing the “Sim Seductions” mod for Sims 4, an experience crafted for adult players seeking a more mature twist in their gameplay. Explore a world of passion, intimacy, and adult-themed interactions that’ll set your Sims’ hearts ablaze. With a tantalizing array of traits, seductive events, and consensual exploration, this mod opens up a new realm of love and adventure. Please note that “Sim Seductions” contains explicit content meant for players aged 18 and above. With this being in Beta, there will be bugs. Please report all bugs on the patreon page or reach out to me personally. Features: Adult-Themed Interactions: Turn up the heat with a range of seductive interactions, from light-hearted flirtation and playful comments to passionate or raunchy conversations. Explore a whole new level of sensuality as your Sims experience love and lust like never before. Steamy Traits: Unleash your Sims’ true selves with all-new traits that embrace their desires. Embody the “Submissive” or “Dominant” trait to add diversity to romantic relationships or adopt the “Swinger” trait to explore the world of open relationships and new connections. Swinger Trait: Embrace consensual non-monogamous relationships as your Sims venture into the world of swinging and polyamory.

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